Pine View Homes, Inc.

Find your perfect home, or choose customizations to make it you own!

Pine View Homes, Inc.

Find your perfect home, or choose customizations to make it you own!

Check out our home-buying checklist

We take pride in the home-buying experience we offer our consumers. Not only are we there for you from beginning to end, but we also offer lots of free resources to help make the process simple and smooth for you. Check out our home-buying check list here to help you get started on the right track!

Modular Homes

Move into your first, next, or forever modular home today!

Becoming a homeowner is a huge step. Pine View Homes, Inc. has worked hard since 1955 to make that step more accessible for our community. We offer affordable modular homes to residents of the state of Maine from our centrally located lot in Winslow. Our experienced team of home-buying consultants can conveniently help you become a new homeowner.

Making the Move into a Modular Home?

Are you new to the concept of modular homes? Read our top three things to know about modular housing:

Modular homes are treated the same as site-built homes by lenders and insurers.

Modular homes are manufactured in climate-controlled facilities and assembled on site.

The price of your home includes delivery within 75 miles of our sales lot, setup fees, a crane rental charge, and finished basement stairs.

Double-Wide Homes

Comfortable Homes at Prices That Fit Your Budget

When you’re searching for a double-wide home in Maine, there’s no better company to count on than Pine View Homes in Winslow! Once you settle on the right home for you, our trusted manufacturers will build it in a climate-controlled facility. Our experienced set-up crews will bring the home to your site (within 200 miles of Winslow) and ensure the home is completed professionally.

Looking for a Dependable Double-Wide Home?

It’s especially important to consider all of your options when searching for the right manufactured home for your family . Here are three tips to help you settle into an ideal space for you and your family:

Choose a reputable company. Pine View Homes has been selling homes throughout the State of Maine since 1955.

Look for a home with quality features. Our double-wide homes come with a 40 pound roof load and insulated R-Co skirting installed.

Know your financing options. We work with many lenders to help home buyers purchase new double-wide homes.

What are you waiting for? Trust Pine View Homes in Winslow, ME to deliver you a safe and beautiful double-wide home!

Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced home-buying consultants to start looking for your perfect double-wide home.

These homes come with a 40-pound roof load to withstand Maine winters, and R-Co Insulated Skirting is installed on all double wide homes as a standard practice. Plus, all of our double-wide homes come with a one-year warranty through the manufacturer, and we purchase an additional 10-year structural warranty for every home sold. Sleep well knowing your home is protected for years to come.

Single-Wide Homes

Start Your Next Chapter in a Custom Home  

Whether you’re buying your first home, starting over somewhere new, or downsizing in your retirement, a single-wide home is a great option. Pine View Homes in Winslow offers affordable single-wide manufactured homes. These homes provide enough space for a small family or couple to live happily and comfortably.

See How Pine View Can Help You to Find A Home

Once you settle on the right home for you, we’ll help you get it delivered to your site within 200 miles of our location!

Pine View Homes works with many local lenders to help make your dream of becoming a homeowner a reality. Learn more about our loan-type acceptance.