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Pine View Homes; From “That’s all?” To “All that!”

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From “That’s all?” To “All that!”

Once a perceived limited lifestyle, modular home living is officially making a well-deserved come back. More and more Americans are coming to the consensus that choosing to purchase a modular home does not define the financial class you identify with. With modern architectural features and ensured quality, the tin can single-wide your grandparents lived in is a relic of standards passed. Just as with pretty much anything you can think of, the construction and reputation of modular homes has come leaps and bounds. Dive into the new world of financially free living!

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Compared to on-site construction, modular homes are built in temperature-controlled factories and have quality assurance during every step. Beyond that, all plans and materials must be inspected prior to building according to state regulations. All the added attention to detail translates to savings when it comes to the cost of ownership. Bringing it back to the fundamentals of construction, building a home on the lot comes with challenges non-existent to modular options. From the harsh elements to the area of level terrain to work with, traditional construction can often lead to many both immediate and long-term problems costing you potentially tens of thousands of dollars. Having complete confidence in new construction is no longer a guarantee and certainly requires a considerable amount of research to be successful. Building a modular home in 2022 could be compared to a well-oiled machine, and most people know what they’re doing. For the ones who may not have knowledge, modern technology has simplified things exponentially. Tools for precise measurements, ease of access to building space, and standardized plans promote successful completion time after time. The margin for error is drastically reduced, while visualization and the ability to access more commonly confined areas are enhanced. Energy efficiency is top tier due to easily sealing all exit points. Current practices have transformed the cost-effectiveness of owning a modular home.

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Fads, trends, ins and outs. Among all the changes, one thing is inevitable: society is going to switch things up all the time and make you feel out of place. Modular home living is no different. With the rise in van conversions being a movement on social media for people to live their dreams, many have shifted the stigma of creating a life within your means. We love seeing more people realizing their home is more than a perception, it’s where living takes place. Customizing your new home is a privilege some are not afforded. Your space is your sanctuary, and a modular build is a safe choice in more ways than one when it comes to creating your new home with the many customizable options available.

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Finding your perfect fit is so much more attainable when you have a menu to choose from. Real estate is up and down, and doesn’t always have something you love. Remodeling an existing structure opens up a world of new obstacles that don’t come with new construction, like building code updates for starters. Making the informed decision to go with a modular home is going to save you money from the beginning and years down the road, from no surprise renovations to energy efficiency. Pine View Homes has a wide variety of floor plans to mix and match styles for your ultimate satisfaction. Nothing is more rewarding than walking into your brand new home, customized and confident. Our team is ready and waiting to help you and your family get into your affordable and adorable new home!