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The Advantages of Buying a Manufactured Home in November

As November approaches, a season of thankfulness and home-related opportunities unfolds, and at Pine View Homes, Inc., we’re grateful for the generations of customers who have made us a part of their homeownership journeys. Our commitment to providing quality homes spans over 65 years, and it’s a tradition we cherish.

Trusted Homebuying and Affordable LivingThe History of Affordable Homes with Pine View

Our journey begins in 1955 when Mr. & Mrs. Elmore L. Hustus laid the foundation for Pine View Homes, Inc. The legacy continued within the family as their daughter and son-in-law, Anna & Stanton Ayer, assumed ownership, preserving the tradition of being a personal, family-owned, and operated business.

With the passing of the torch to the third generation of family owners, Michael & Tracy Ayer, the Pine View Homes brand continued to flourish. In 2017, the business transitioned to the fourth-generation owner, Trish Banks, their daughter. Trish’s roots with Pine View run deep, as she has fond memories of her grandfather selling homes to the grandparents of the individuals she now assists on their homeownership journey.

Committed to Keeping Our Clients First

Trish Banks, the fourth-generation owner of Pine View Homes, Inc., lives by a simple yet profound motto: regardless of the growth and expansion of her business, it will always retain the small, personal business spirit where customers are treated like friends, not just transactions. At Pine View, the team shares this ethos, and it’s the dedicated people who have been the heart and soul of our business. They are the reason why generations of customers continually return to us when they embark on their journey to find a new or used local home. Our commitment to delivering affordable and quality homes is a tradition that endures, and after your first experience with us, you’ll feel confident and comfortable in sending your children and grandchildren to Pine View Homes for their homeownership needs. It’s not just business; it’s a legacy of trust and friendship.

Why November is the Ideal Time for Homeownership?

While many may overlook November as an opportune month for purchasing a manufactured home, it offers distinct advantages that prospective homebuyers should consider.

A Season of Thankfulness: Thanksgiving and Homeownership November commences with Thanksgiving, a time filled with gratitude and gathering with loved ones. For Pine View Homes, Inc., this season resonates with appreciation for the customers who have entrusted us with their homeownership aspirations. Finding the perfect home is our commitment and privilege.

Benefits of a November Purchase November’s unique features make it the ideal time to explore homeownership:

  • Less Competition: With the focus on holiday preparations, November typically experiences reduced competition in the real estate market. This means a more relaxed home buying experience for you.
  • Quicker Move-In Times: Fewer buyers in the market can lead to a streamlined process, resulting in quicker move-in times. You might find yourself settled into your new home before the holiday season is in full swing.
  • Enjoying the Holidays in Your New Home: Imagine creating cherished memories in your very own home, from hosting Thanksgiving dinners to holiday gatherings with friends and family.

Celebrating Thanksgiving and a Legacy of HomeownershipGuiding your path to homeownership at Pine View Homes, Inc., we’re honored to be your guide on your journey to homeownership. We understand that this is more than a transaction; it’s about finding a home perfectly suited to your needs, desires, and lifestyle.

This Thanksgiving, as we gather with loved ones to express our gratitude, we’re reminded of the significance of home and hearth. Our mission is to help you realize the vision of home—a place where your story is written, where you gather with your loved ones, and where you create lasting memories.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, Pine View Homes, Inc. stands with you, embracing the spirit of gratitude, and reflecting on our legacy of assisting homeowners across generations. Together, we’ll continue to weave stories of comfort, joy, and shared moments within the walls of your perfect home.

Closing thoughts this November, as you gather with loved ones around the Thanksgiving table, consider the advantages of purchasing a manufactured home. Pine View Homes, Inc. is here to assist you every step of the way, from selecting the right home to finalizing the details. We wish you a joyful and gratitude-filled Thanksgiving and look forward to helping you find your dream home this November. This is a season for thankfulness, and we’re thankful for you.